The Art Of Eating Chocolate

Chocolate comes in various forms and shapes, from consistency and texture over to its flavour – many things we enjoy about chocolate are very obvious to us. What is interesting is that chocolate can be experienced using more than simply our sense of taste. If you want to enjoy a gourmet chocolate moment to its fullest, consider doing it mindfully, engaging your other senses. Just like wine tasting, the memory of gourmet chocolate will stay with you.
You will soon discover that there is a lot more to chocolate than meets your taste buds.

To do so, start by visually examining the size, colour, shape and texture of your chocolate. Each aspect will instantly cause your brain to form an idea of the taste. However, try to keep an open mind and take the chocolate you are about to eat for exactly what it looks like.

Even though you might be ready to eat it, take a moment to discover the scent of your chocolate. Is there a distinctive smell of a particular flavour? You should be able to already tell the extent of sweetness or bitterness that defines your chocolate. In fact, the act of ‘tasting’ can be attributed as strongly to smelling as it can to tasting. Are you already able to go into even more detail? For example, do you sense an aroma of coffee, lemon, champagne, or perhaps, a much sweeter vanilla?

If you are holding a Charbonnel et Walker chocolate, by now your curiosity should have taken over, finally it is time to taste it! Pay special attention to the texture and take some time to allow for the chocolate to melt. Now ask yourself: Is the melt smooth or on the lighter side? Most importantly, what taste is left once it has gone? Your focus should now be the aftertaste duration that reveals the quality of ingredients used in your chocolate.

Charbonnel et Walker chocolates are hand-made to the traditional recipes of Madame Charbonnel. We are particularly renowned for our dark chocolate, made from the finest dark couverture. The result is a decadently rich taste with an extensive aftertaste duration, leading to an unforgettable experience.

The idea of mindfulness as a whole is to encourage people to live in- and enjoy the moment. With multiple research findings confirming that chocolate has active components contributing to a better mood, it only makes sense to put all your worries on hold to experience the variety of a single bite. Happy chocolate tasting!

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